ULMA with United Lychee Marketing Association



Bing, Supreme, Empress, Stella, Lapin, Van, Sweetheart, Kordia, Chelan, Early Sweet, Sweet Georgia.
Harvest Mid November to end of January.


There are many varieties of grapes grown in Australia for export, but these
are the most popular varieties.


Delicious and juicy lychee or “Litchi” heralds you the arrival of summer. Besides being sweet and nutritious, these berries bring cooling effect on the human body to beat the summer heat. Botanically, this exotic fruit belongs to the family of Sapindaceae, and named scientifically as Litchi chinensis.

We only air freight lychees to keep them ultra fresh, packaged in 5kg and 2kg bulk filled cartons.



There are many varieties of Mango grown in Australia, but the most sort after
for export is the varietry: R2E2

Stone Fruits

Here is some of the varieties of Stone Fruits we export.

White Flesh Nectarines

Harvest from November to March.

  • Diamond Pearl
  • June Pearl
  • Kay Pearl
  • Bright Pearl
  • Fire Pearl
  • Artic Snow
  • Regal Pearl.


White Flesh Peaches

Harvest from November to March

  • Spring Snow
  • Ivory Prince
  • Summer Sweet
  • Snow King
  • Autumn Snow
  • September Snow.



Harvest from December to March.

  • Earliequeen
  • Amber Jewel
  • Dapple Dandy
  • Black Amber
  • Tegan Blue
  • Autumn Giant
  • Sugar Sweet.
  • Black Diamond.